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10-Oct-2017 22:05

We [didn't] want to do stuff that's going to wind up in a landfill. We [didn't] want to deal with shipping and returns."These reluctant money-makers decided that Groupon should offer one deal a day, and that it should sell vouchers for local businesses.

They decided that the daily emails should have funny copy.

He cooked for everyone—the whole company and all their spouses and significant others. "In Chicago," explains one early employee, "we had a big network of friends and family to sign up and spread the word. It's easier for business owners to trust a local company."The expansion went off without a hitch—but only thanks to a number of make-it-work hacks on the technical side.

During Groupon's first months, customer support head Joe Harrow would spend three hours every afternoon personally emailing all the customers who bought Groupon vouchers whenever a deal closed.

Groupon successfully expanded into a third market: New York.

"At first we thought it would be a little skunkworks project and we'd go on and it would help us raise money to further develop The Point. Investors, some of them who also put money into Facebook, began calling Groupon the fastest growing company in history.

But I think that idea didn't last very long because we realized we had a tiger by the tail."In January 2009, Groupon held its company holiday party at the small apartment of its CTO, Ken Pelletier. The first major test for the project was its move into a second market: Boston.

' That was an eye opener," says one early employee.

By the end of 2008, Andrew Mason and Eric Lefkofsky knew that The Point would become Groupon.

Mason was an intern, "kind of squatting in their offices," according to one source.

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