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07-Oct-2017 07:58

We have a proven track record, and for over 6 years have provided first class diagnostic ultrasound as a private provider and for the last four years to Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) in Mid Essex and South East Essex.

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For all of the expectant mums, now you can see your unborn baby in live motion using 4d ultrasound technology.

We also offer last minute scanning for those worried parents to be, seeking reassurance.

My Ultrababy Scans We provide quick and easy appointments for every essential stage of your baby's development.

With the improvement of modern technology we are now able to see your baby before its born thus giving the whole experience a total new Dimension.

The beauty of having your scan with us is you decide when your appointment date and time is, what combination of scans you have for your pregnancy as well as being able to choose who comes with you to your scan.

Ultrasound scanning of the pelvis requires a full bladder and patients will be instructed to drink a moderate volume of water so that they have a relatively full bladder.