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Although born in Massachusetts, Meteos' hometown is actually Fairfax, Virginia.

It was at this point that other highly ranked players started to notice and be familiar with the notorious Skarner one-trick pony.

Meteos got one of his first tastes in competitive Lo L as a sub for CLG Black during a King of the Hill tournament.

In the bracket stage were eliminated in the first round by OMG, losing 2-0.

In the summer playoffs, despite placing first in the regular season, they took second place overall, losing to Team Solo Mid in the finals 2-3.

Meteos played normal games for such a long time that the amount of wins accumulated caused his normal queues to last up to 30 minutes.

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At their first international pre-season tournament, IEM Season VIII - Cologne in November 2013, Cloud9 received a bye into the second round and competed against Gambit Gaming from Russia.Cloud 9 maintained their dominance in the NA region by winning their second consecutive LCS split, qualifying them for All-Star Paris 2014.Unfortunately, Hai's lung collapsed prior to the event, hospitalizing him and requiring the team to play with a substitute midlaner.On April 1st, 2013, the Cloud9 roster consisting of Balls, Meteos, Hai, Sn Ea Ky Ca St Ro O, and Lemon Nation was acquired by Quantic Gaming.

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The team's activity under the Quantic brand was short-lived as the team was reacquired by a newly managed Cloud9 prior to their LCS debut against Team Dignitas. This would mark the beginning of his phenomenal KDA scores for the Season 3 Summer Split, where he finished with a record high 12.7 ratio.In December, Cloud9 joined four other North American LCS teams at Battle of the Atlantic 2013, facing European champions Fnatic for the second time.