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The greenhouse came about a couple of years ago when a gale removed the old tin roof of one of the sheds.

“If you want to be greedy you can lift the whole plant now, cut it back, put it under glass and take two sets of cuttings – the first in early spring after the first flush and another set later (and then take cuttings of the cuttings). On the south and the west side they are 90cm/3ft high, timber clad, with glass above.On the north and east sides, the walls are solid breezeblock.I got my first cymbidium about 10 years ago, but they keep multiplying as I divide the old plants and pot them on.

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Out of flower, they are not worth house room, so they stay in the greenhouse until the flower spikes bore through the clumps of foliage.

Greenhouses made entirely of glass cool down very quickly.