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" "The same as I've said to Cathy, that we are not looking for ongoing nights, we want to keep it more as a special event.I don't think it will stop them calling." "We went into this to pick up some pointers from hot sex sessions to rev up our own private times.She's been at me for weeks for us to have another night with them.Now today, Brian called, applying more pressure." "What did you tell him?There, I've said it, what do you think, are you shocked? In spite of having just cum inside her, my cock had sprung up again simply from listening to her plan. I'm always ready for that." "Before we do though, you haven't explained how we would find a guy to do this? W-e-l-l, I hope this doesn't sound tacky, and we could be taking an awful risk, but I actually thought of us going into some upmarket bar ...maybe in a good hotel where the clientele might be businessmen staying in town overnight or something like that." "If you think by doing that, you'll ensure somebody's clean, it's no guarantee.Chapter Eleven How did we progress from swinging with friends to this ...

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But now you've explained your fantasy to me several times and I saw for myself how incredibly worked up you got watching Brian take me from behind on the kitchen table.

you realise that either or both could have been a disaster?

" "So Sherry, you mentioned our next adventure, have you thought of another couple?

You must admit after nights like tonight, it's working." "That's not quite correct Mike, we did start because it had been your fantasy, but I do agree that we have enjoyed some hotter times in bed.

I'd venture to say that your technique and your endurance just gets better and better darling.

I mean you banged it into Cathy so hard after watching us, she even commented to me next day how watching me and Brian had turned you into a wild man almost out of control." "I hope I didn't scare her." "No, quite the contrary!

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