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In the photo, she peers into the camera with her hand near her face as if posing for a glamour shot.

Farrah Franklin, former member of Destiny’s Child, is in trouble.

"They only show you what they want to, ain't always reality," she sings. They see the three minutes of the video; they don’t see the two days of shooting or 32 hours [of work]. Since you mentioned Destiny's Child, what made you decide to place an old photo of the four of you together in your new video? I would think that’s why my director put it in there. [They] didn’t handle things properly [is] how I was feeling. I even have an Instagram page called @Sexy Chef Farrah. In my personal life, I kind of wish I would have went to college.

Read on as she opens up to The Boombox about her new music, what life would be like if music was never an option and her storied past. Being women and we have to go through the tugging the pulling the pressing the hair, [but] at the end of the day we just want to find someone that’s gonna love us for us. It’s a job like anything else, [but] what people don’t see a lot of the time is when the cameras aren’t rolling when someone is acting or dancing or onstage or whatever entertainment someone does -- those are usually private moments, and sometimes people are fortunate enough to get those and sometimes [they] take advantage of those situations. A lot of people want to know what happened between you and Destiny's Child? Things were going well in 2000, then everyone was like, "What happened to Farrah? I was 18 years old, so I didn’t have that many people I could go to for advice and talk to. If music and entertainment no longer become an option, what career path would you want to play out?

Patti is up for the challenge with these two millionaires.

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Patti’s mixer for her two new clients is smaller, which allows both millionaires to have one-on-one meetings with everyone. Pat digs deep within Kevin and makes him realize what he has to do in order to have a meaningful relationship.While she spent some time in the slammer, she was released later that day on 0 bail.