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During pregnancy the placenta leaks fetal DNA (“cf DNA”) which crosses into the maternal bloodstream.Maternal circulation therefore contains a mixture of cf DNA and maternal DNA.Each screening test has a detection rate (DR) and positive rate (PR) which indicates the performance of the screen.The best performing test is the one which has the highest detection rate and the lowest positive rate.We continue to offer traditional first trimester 12 weeks Nuchal Screening and Addmark® testing plus our second trimester Genmark™ screen so patients can choose the option which best suits their needs.All our screening tests have optimum detection rates which exceed the NHS offering and in the first trimester we can also include pre-eclampsia screening.

NIPT can give gender information in singleton pregnancies (optional).The Baby Scan Clinic is keeping up with the most state-of-the-art ultrasound scans as technology is continually improving. For more details on this topic see Fetal Medicine Foundation & BMUS Carrying out your scan safely is most important to Baby Scan Clinic and we assure you that all ultrasounds are done by qualified sonographers who are registered with HCPC and the Sonographer Society.this is my: is an independent private medical provider with over 10 years’ experience of offering health screening and ultrasound imaging to self-funding, private medical insurance and NHS clients.A simple blood sample taken from the expectant mothers arm carries no miscarriage risk to a healthy baby but screens for conditions such as Down’s syndrome, Edwards’ syndrome and Patau syndrome.

The option to check for the sex of your offspring is also available as part of this screen.

provides medically supported private pregnancy ultrasound scans and consultations from 6 – 42 weeks including early reassurance scans, pregnancy dating scans, reassurance viability scans, gender scans, anomaly scans, well-being scans, fetal echo cardiogram scans for congenital heart defects (CHD) and 4D baby scans from our dedicated centres in Leeds, Manchester, Hull and London.