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It seems to be the only one painted in Persia during the lifetime of the shah (Bernus-Taylor, p. ʿOmar Ṣūfī (q.v.), made for Uluḡ Beg around 1437, is a jewel of the Timurid art of the book.

133; for a general discussion of Shah ʿAbbās’ portraits, see Grube and Sims). The copy contains 74 illustrations, probably made in Herat or Samarqand (Lentz and Lowry, pp. A splendid 1029) contains 34 paintings, two of them signed by an otherwise unknown artist, Ḥaydarqolī Naqqāš. Other important paintings and calligraphies are kept in the form of albums ( 6076, which contain fine specimens of Safavid painting.

Among other important early Islamic pieces is the large plate with black Kufic calligraphy over a white slip (Louvre AA96; illustrated in Bernus-Taylor, p. 61 ) and a copper candle-stick decorated with a frieze of ducks (Khorasan, 12th-13th century). Another interesting piece from this period is a from Kāšān, dating from the end of the 16th or beginning of the 17th century, depicting, in a central medallion, Bahrām Ḡōr fighting the dragon, with Laylā and Majnūn in the corners (illustration, Bernus-Taylor, p. Also worth mentioning is the fritware dish from the Musée des arts décoratifs, which uses a peculiar technique of decoration.

35; techniques used together in a single piece (MAO 440; illustrated in Bernus-Taylor, p. There are several noteworthy metal objects from the Saljuq period in the Louvre, including a bronze lion incense-burner (Khorasan, 11th-12th century; Melikian, 1973, p. Another item in the same collection is a star-tile panel in luster decoration made in Kāšān for the Emāmzāda Jaʿfar in Dāmḡān and dated 665/1267 (, pl. This candle-stick with the base missing is part of a set of six pieces which were originally made for the shrine. The motif is cut through a beautiful cobalt-blue slip covered with a transparent glaze so that it has the color of paste.

This textile, dated 9th-10th century, is very much in the Sasanian style of other textiles of the period, but its provenance is uncertain. 226) entered the personal collections of Louis XIV between 16 (Lentz and Lowry, p. With the development of archaeological excavations in Persia, and particularly those at Susa, the museum acquired a number of Elamite, pre-Achaemenid and Achaemenid objects, as well as important pieces of early Islamic period.

Another fragment woven in silk, the so-called “Shroud of Saint-Josse” is, however, unquestionably Persian (, pl. The famous collections housed at the Louvre are of very different origins. A large part of the outstanding pieces of Persian art of the Islamic era was acquired through the sales of great private collections, such as Goupil’s, in 1888.

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A silk fragment known as the “Shroud of Saint Bertrand,” is housed in the Crypt of Notre Dame de la Couture in Le Mans.A page from a large Safavid (q.v.) is one of the more recent acquisitions by the Louvre (Soustiel and David, 1992a, no. This copy was probably made in Bāḡbād (Turkmenistan) and Isfahan for a member of Shah ʿAbbās’ entourage (Richard, 1995, pp. Located on the premises of the Bibliothèque nationale is the Cabinet des Médailles, which houses the already-mentioned Cup of Ḵosrow.